Integration Details is an enterprise software company that provides a platform for businesses to manage their affiliate marketing programs. The platform allows businesses to automate the recruitment, management, and payment of their affiliates, as well as track the performance of their affiliate marketing campaigns.

You can simply and securely connect your affiliate account to Trffcc and keep track of important metrics on a simple dashboard:

  • track common affiliate traffic metrics
  • see how much commission you have earned

What do you need to connect your data

We understand how valuable your time is, and we've put in a lot of effort to make sure that integrating your data is as simple as possible. You are just a few steps away from your own Impact dashboard.


Create or use existing read-only credentials keypair


Enter account SID and auth token to configure access from Trffcc to your Impact account


Enjoy your affiliate dashboard with Impact metrics

Metrics supported

Trffcc supports dashboards creation with metrics from Impact including:

Key metrics

  • Clicks
  • Actions
  • Sales
  • Earnings

Daily statistics digests

With daily digests, you can stay informed about the performance of your affiliate account and track traffic and earning in one simple dashboard.

Combine with data from other tools you love

See how your traffic reflect with affiliate visitors combining Google Analytics and Booking metrics in one dashboard.

Why building the affiliate dashboard is a great idea

  • Several services data in one dashboard

    Are you tired of wasting time trying to gather data from different sources? With our dashboard, you can get all the data you need in one place.

  • Daily reports and notifications

    Keep track of your data with daily reports or get email notifications so that you never miss out on important change, like clicks growth or important actions milestone.

  • Don't waste your time anymore

    No more wasted time — just all the data you need in one place.