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Frequently Asked Questions

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An SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificate is a digital certificate that ensures the secure transmission of data over the internet. It provides a way to encrypt the communication between a user's web browser and the server, protecting sensitive information from being intercepted by malicious actors.
An SSL/TLS certificate is essential for securing data transmitted over the internet, encrypting communication between a user's browser and the server. This safeguards sensitive information like login credentials and payment details from potential interception. Additionally, websites with SSL/TLS certificates display a padlock, instilling trust in users. Beyond security, having an SSL/TLS certificate positively impacts SEO, as search engines prioritize secure websites in their rankings, contributing to better visibility in search results.
When you check an SSL/TLS certificate, you can obtain various pieces of information. This includes details such as the issuer of the certificate (the entity that issued it), the expiration date of the certificate, the subject (usually the domain name to which the certificate is assigned), the public key used for encryption, and the validity status of the certificate (indicating whether it is currently valid or has expired). Checking these details provides insights into the security and authenticity of a website's connection, helping users make informed decisions about their online interactions.
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